Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Desk organizer-DT post by Rashmi Tater

Hello !

So i'm back on the blog with an alter art project I did using the georgeous Nakshathra's It' travel time pack

It has loads of elements in the pack and I had to use few of my fav to be on my desk like for always ! This is a special project to me as with this i'm ending the DT term here on the blog and undoubtedly this journey  has been wonderful !

So the project began with few wood plys lying around in my home . Asked my dad to make me a desk organizer so he nailed and glued few pieces for me and made me a raw 3 boxes ( huge ! ) joint project . ( so now all my big brushes , scales etc will have a good place to sit 😋)

I used the sheets from 12.12 pack to decoupage the box and did the top and sides with gold paint .
The designs are self descriptinatory that I had to not put much effort .
Later i distressed some white lace trim and added to all the edges of the stand

Made few handmade blooms using heartfelt creations stamp and dies and added to one side of the box around a cute pearl filled dome with a miniature image from the pack itself . Love love love the way it looks . It's just perfect for my desk and I hope u ppl like the project too


( do drop ur lovely comments and reviews in the comments sections !-Tia )

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