Friday, 10 March 2017

Double Diamond Fold Card tutorial - DT post by Monica Koneru

Hi everyone ...
Mounika here today I am going to share tutorial of double diamond fold card
Using. Happy birthday pack from nakshathra designz....

The double diamond fold card is a little tricky because of the way the two ends fold.  I would suggest starting with a piece of printer paper so you get the hang of the creases and the direction of the folds, and don't be discouraged if it takes several attempts to manipulate those ends!

1.  Cut a piece of card stock to measure 11x 5".  Score all the lines using the template above as a guide for measurements.  You may find it easier to draw in the diagonal lines using a ruler and pencil.

2.Crease all the score lines

3.To crease the diagonal lines, fold the cardstock longways as shown in the picture below.  With both halves together gently fold the cardstock along the score line.  Flip and fold the other way, then repeat with the other end.


4.  Starting from the left hand side, mountain fold, valley fold, valley fold, mountain fold.  The two diagonal folds on either end of the card take quite a bit of manipulating to get them to sit correctly.  Note that the two diamonds will cross over at the front and back.
       it's time to decorate   cutted down 2.5"  pattern papers layer them with 2" panels finally embellished with diecuts from the same pack ..
Some close ups

Hope you enjoyed it ......


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