Friday, 6 April 2018

Simple & Elegant Traditional Elephant Jewellery Box

Hi dear friends ,


Warm Greetings . Happy to post my very first DT project . As I received my first Decoupage kit,just fell in love with these cute little traditional elephants.So decided to adorn a jewellery box with these cute little ones . Specially the beautiful curtains gives the most elegant look to the whole of the box. 

Have done my first DT project in a simple and elegant way. Hope you all will love it.

Materials Used : 

1. Traditonal Elephant  Decoupage Special papers from Nakshathra Designz 
3.Sailing Sea Chalk paint 
4.Tinted Metallic paint
5. Mulberry flowers
6. Mini thermocol gold balls 
7. 3D Element stickers vintage ones 
8. Decoupage Glue
9. Decoupage Varnish

Step1 : Initially sanded the MDF box to make the surface smooth to work on.
Step2 : Coated the MDF box with sailing sea chalk paint . Then dried it well.
Step3 : Got the curtains and elephants cut out seperately .
Step4 : Using the Decoupage Glue stuck the curtains and elephants to respective places without leaving any air bubble. Then made sure they are stuck and dried well.
Step5 : Used mild tinted metalic paint ( royal blue shade) and covered the complete box in sponge technique method . Then dried the box well.
Step6 : Once after drying , Applied the decoupage varnish.
Step7 :Finally adorned the box with cute little golden dipped thermocol balls, 3D element stickers & mulbery flowers .

And then Finally an elegant Jewel Box is ready😍

Hope you guys love it. Please leave in your valuable comments ❤

With Much Love ,