Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A travel themed explosion box-DT post by Rashmi Tater

The ultimate expedition - explosion box in travel theme

The need to explore new places has been the turning point in sketching the world that we see today ! Nakshathra has beautiful designed travel theme paper in super thick quality and is so vintage in its feel and true detection of the travel expeditions that let to explorations of many continents , countries and  subcontinents !

First look at this paper I was sure I had to do an explosion box so that I can capture the beauty of the papers in 3D format .

I even used the cover page for the inner most layer !
I have used the 12.12 sheets from the stack and I'm let with so many sheets too 😋. Will make more projects and post soon .

So let's have a look at the box first . It's adorned with the campus , a suitcase miniature , a clock resin , a tag with a cute Eiffel tower charm and a chain dangling to its side .

Here are the pictures :

Also I added a large suitcase in the center and added the words Travel and Explore .

Patttern paper pack used:

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