Monday, 30 January 2017

Shadow box with an easel top-- DT Post by Kriti Mishra

Namaste Friends!!
Its time for my DT project and I have used Amor De Oro-Golden Love . These papers are blended with gold, black and red shades, awesome papers with awesome quality.
This time tried something new for me....made a Shadow box with a match- box style cover , an easel top and an accordion album inside. Size of whole card is 8 x 6. Size of shadow box is 7 x 5.
Have a look..

Some close pics

 It opens up like an easel...

 Shadow box is inside the match-box styled cover

 Shadow contains a 6 x 4 accordion mini album.

 And this is the accordion album

I am giving tutorial for shadow box here...

Tutorial for shadow box:

1. Score at ½ inch (in), 1 in, 1½ in, 2 in, 8 in, 8½ in, 9 in, 9½ and 10 in.
2. Rotate 90 degrees and  score  at ½ inch, 1 in, 1½ in, 2 in, 10 in, 10½ in, 11 in, 11½ and 12 in.
3. Make extra 1 inch score lines at 2½ inches and 7½ inches and repeat on the opposite side.
4. Cut along the line as shown in pic.
5. Bring all the sides up and around along the score lines.
6. Put glue on the tips of the straight edges and insert them under the slanted edges to form the frame.
7. Your shadow box frame is ready. (Sorry for the bad light)

Pics for shadow box tutorial

You can grab this pattern papers from

Happy crafting!!!